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North Shropshire Wheelers Marshalling Rota 2019 
The following is a schedule of the club's marshalling obligations for 2019. Club members are asked to 
indicate the events at which they can commit to help. To allocate yourself, please contact Les Boughey 
on 07850 744335, or Mo Cliff at or call on 01948 663398 or text on 07729 990073. 
(The schedule excludes the club evening 10 series for which there will be a separate marshalling rota 
drawn from riders participating in the series).Timekeepers for club events to be confirmed. 
Date  Start  time  Event  Course  Marshals  required  Marshals 
March 10,  Sun  09:00  Club 2up 10 TTT   Timekeepers:  S - Mo  F - Gill  Prees  D32/10  7 Sign on:   Andy Durber 
Starting steward:   Mo 
standing start  Ian H, Steve Smout  Prees Green:  Edwin Hargraves  Lower Heath: Les Boughey 
 March 17,  Sun    Jack Duckers 1  09:00  Club Hawkstone  Hilly 19   Timekeepers:  S - Mo  F - Gill  Lower Heath  D19/2  7  Andy Durber  Pusher-off:  Les Boughey  Prees Green: Ian Hassall  Weston Xrds: Edwin Hargraves  Old A442 jct: Dave Drew  Lower Heath:  Lin and Les Boughey 
April 13th,  Sat  15:00  SCCA 10  Waters  Upton  D10/23r  2/3  Esplay: 
May19, Sun  08:00  SCCA/WC 30  D30/1  2/3  TBC 
Jun 16, Sun   Jack Duckers 4  07:00  West Cheshire 50  Prees D50/3  3 TBC 
Jun 19, Wed  Jack Duckers 5  19:00  Club 25  Timekeepers:  S - Mo  F - Gill  Prees-  Battlefiled  D25/20r  3 Sign on: Andy Durber  Pusher off:  Battlefield Church Is (turn): 
Jul 10, Wed  Jack Duckers 6  Club Champs  19:00  Club 25  Timekeepers:  S - Mo   F - Gill  Prees -  Battlefield  D25/20r  3 Sign on: Andy Durber  Pusher-off:  Battlefield Church Is (turn): 
Jul 14, Sun   Jack Duckers 7  06:00  SCCA/WC100  Prees 100/1  3 TBC 
Jul 20, Sat  13:00  Mersey RC 24hr  Battlefield  2 TBC 
Aug 5, Sun  10:00  SCCA 4up 50k TTT  W Upton  3 TBC 
Aug 21, Wed  Jack Duckers 9  19:00  Club Hill climb  Timekeepers:  S - Ian  F - Gill  Wirswall  2 Sign on: Andy Durber  Pusher off:  Heckler at start: 
Aug 18, Sun  06:00:  00  West Cheshire  12hr  Prees D12/1  3 TBC 
Aug 25, Sun  08:00  NSW Open 25   Sign T Hill/Espley:   Sign start/finish:  Prees  D25/8E  13 Car Park:   Sign on:  Pusher-off:  Ternhill Is (3):  Espley Is turn(2):  Shawbirch Is (3):  Sign off:  Refreshments: 
Sep 8, Sun  Jack Duckers  10  08:00  West Cheshire 25  Prees  D25/8E  2/3  Espley: 

Apologies for lay out, I tried my best to line the columns up, but no success.


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